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Zports is an online recruitment platform for athletes and sports teams (Icehockey, Basketball, Football). Athletes can apply to job posts from teams and they have access to a complete package of tools to boost their sports career to make it to the pros.


IoT App – UI Design


V-Zug is a kitchen and laundry appliance manufacturer from Switzerland. They have an IOT App to control their ovens and washing machines with all possible devices.


Dashboard with Smart Tiles

🚫 Company name is hidden 🚫

UX & UI design of an editable dashboard that users can modify and adapt to their own needs to support their workflow. They can select apps or widgets from a list offered by the company and place them in their dashboard. These movable apps are called Smart Tiles.


Dynamic Website


Clubee is a start-up from Luxembourg focused on helping amateur sport clubs and federations to manage their teams on a professional level. Clubee gives them the possibility to develop and to grow on a low-budget. We implemented a website template for sports clubs that behaves like a timeline.


Digital Campaign


Watson (What’s on?) is a Swiss news portal having a partnership with t-online and Zeit Online. They focus on the younger generation in Switzerland and Germany and they want to build a completely new user experience in the area of news and entertainment. 


Analytics Dashboard

🚫 Company name is hidden 🚫

User Interface design of a companies analytics dashboard. Overview of projects and deliverables for each region or country the user is active. 


Novo Nordisk

Platform, App and Digital Campaign

Novo Nordisk is a Danish pharmaceutical company specialized in products and services for diabetes care. We created a concept for a platform for doctors and health practitioners, a more emotional platform for diabetes patients, a diabetes assistant app, an iPad medications guide and a more modern connected diabetes toolkit bag, was created.


Learning Concept


Sketchpanda books and the app are designed to let your kids’ imagination flow. On each page of the Sketchpanda book/app you have a different pair of eyes. These can be happy, surprised, mad, or angry eyes. The book is used by child psychologists, primary school teachers, and parents.



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