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Zports is an online recruitment platform for athletes and sports teams (Icehockey, Basketball, Football). Athletes can apply to job posts from teams and they have access to a complete package of tools to boost their sports career to make it to the pros. Clubs receive tools to recruit top athletes and represent their organization on a high level. Zports philosophy: Your successful sports career.

It all starts with a conversational sign-up on the landingpage. This way users are guided through the sign-up process effectively and they have a tailor-made registration, whether they are coaches, athletes, or managers. The complete User Experience Design process came into use to design the Zports platform. Research on recruitment processes of sports teams, interviewing athletes, testing prototypes with coaches and much more was necessary. The User Interface had to be representative of the sports world. A red and blue color scheme combined with a clean interface was elaborated. Zports also needed support with business development, marketing, and branding.


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