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novo nordisk

Platform, App and Digital Campaign

Novo Nordisk is a Danish pharmaceutical company specialized in products and services for diabetes care, medications and also devices. I was an employee and Art Director of Ogilvy Switzerland during that project. We created a concept for a platform for doctors and health practitioners, a more emotional platform for diabetes patients, a diabetes assistant app, an iPad medications guide and a more modern connected diabetes toolkit bag, was created.

Ogilvy Switzerland is the owner of this project (

The practitioner platform is only accessible for qualified users. They find news on medications, medical devices and digital tools, they can join networking events, they have access to an e-learning page, they can start discussions with other practitioners and much more. The goal is to digitize the more traditional healthcare and connect practitioners from all different locations.

An app to assist patients who just received the diagnosis of diabetes was also developed. Users can chat with a bot called Robin. They get advice, assistance and they can ask all different questions about their health or fears. The app can also be connected to other devices, like an Apple Watch, to track your fitness and nutrition data.

The patient’s platform was created more like a blog page. The aim is to inform and help on a more emotional and personal level. Users find articles, downloads of several apps, a map to find important services like doctors, they can book workshops and participate in events.

Practitioners need digital tools and a guide for their patients to explain the different advantages of certain medications for diabetes. This app explains in a clear and easy way and visualizes everything with graphics and images. Before, practitioners only had print material to hand out to their patients.

Research showed that diabetes patients often had unstylish and messy bags for their medications, diabetes pens, and accessories. They could forget or lose stuff and this was a big risk for their health. It is important to offer a more stylish, organized, and functional bag for all the stuff they need to carry around. The newly designed bag has all they need in one place and the bag is also connected to the phone or device, so you get a notification when your diabetes pen is missing.


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